Monday, 24 January 2011

In Tounges

When i think about glasgow, i think about a city where a kiss means a headbutt to the face, battered mars bars and a life expectancy the same as Iraq. Having said that, I did play one the best shows in glasgow, In the infamous "negi dungeons". Anyway check out in tounges, chugga chug chug from the clydeside.


Sunday, 9 January 2011

Supertouch London

Abolition are on this now. Along with the Lightbringer and tremors. You dont need curtains, but it helps.

Thursday, 6 January 2011


We did a show at the Den. There will be more. pics soon.


Photo of CANT RELATE, Hang The Bastard

90's style, london straight edge. say no more.

you call this equality? i call this insanity...

for fans of: chokehold, catharsis, unbroken,



Have you ever raged so hard that youve bleed from your nose? no? well grab some kleenex, burn all your hipster death in june records and get your ears round this. Its situated somewhere between discharge and ripcord and trust me, it rips...
fascism brings death.

for fans of: ripcord, the abused, last rites,karl marx.

theyre also recording soon and ill keep you updated on that. but in the mean time this is a recording they done at a rehearsal. its rips.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Iron Curtain.

capital city style. The newest london straight edge band, recording in February and with a tape coming out on i drink milk records. Imagine floorpunch meets lockin out.

"were london, straight edge, and everybody knows!"

for fans of: stop and think, floorpunch, look alive, righteous jams.

heres a video of the last song at the first show.

Can't Relate

ever wonder what a cross between limp wrist and xfilesx would sound like? well stop wondering, thats what hippies do and start listening. fast n furious fronted by a nutter. last time i listened to them on my tape player it broke, thats the kinda hard shit im on about. conscious kids playing pissed off music. what more could you ask for?

for fans of, negative approach, xfilesx, los crudos, getting headaches.

I seriously recommend you download this.